Tom Whittaker AIA Partner

Tom Whittaker Partner Emeritus

Tom’s curiosity into knowing the way things work can be traced back to his restoration of a 1930s Ford in high school. His knack for delving into technical details has led to the management of Waterleaf’s larger and more complex projects, particularly those involving bus and rail transit. Collaborative in nature, he enjoys being a part of a multidisciplinary team and finds all perspectives - client, consultant, and builder – essential to creating the best design solutions for the task at hand.

In his early years, he had the distinction of being the all-time record holder for the most hours logged on the green bench outside the elementary school principal’s office, but he’s since reformed his ways. Should you hear melodic strains of “Brazil” echoing through the Waterleaf office, it’s probably Tom, who learned to whistle during a couple of summers as a teen spent playing cowboy while working calf round-ups. These days, Tom can be found playing morning hoops at the MAC and tinkering with wood shop projects. And he still takes that 1930s Ford for regular drives to get Sunday morning coffee.